Welcome Home

We realize that your family member is in the hospital and that you are going through a difficult time. We would love the opportunity to support your family. This page can help answer your questions or provide you with the resources to get the answers you need.

Our Rooms

Jacob's Room

Mike's Room

Ryan's Room

Sara's Room

Our Amenities

Full (Common) Kitchen & Dining Area

Stocked Pantry

Full Free Laundry

Fast WiFi


Relaxation Garden

Children's Play Area (Indoors)

Quiet Living Room

Family Room with TV

A 2.5 acre property

What is Jacob's House?

Jacob's House is a hospitality house located in Temecula, California. A hospitality house provides a place to stay for people who have a loved one in the hospital.

How do I stay at Jacob's House?

All guests must have an official referral from a hospital. We serve:

  • Temecula Valley Hospital

  • Rancho Springs Hospital

  • Radys Children's at Rancho Springs

  • Inland Valley Hospital

  • Loma Linda Hospital

  • Other regional hospitals in unique circumstances

To obtain a referral please speak with your nurse, social worker, or a caseworker at the hospital.

What is Jacob's House Like?

Jacob's House feels more like a bed and breakfast as we are located on a 2.5-acre property in the heart of Temecula. We have beautiful, clean, and quiet rooms. Each room has individual locks and comfortable beds. We also provide:

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Food

  • Other Resources

What if I do NOT have a patient in the hospital?

If you are in need of emergency facilities, please dial 2-1-1 to locate the nearest facility.

What are the rules for staying at Jacob's House?

Please see the rules in the registration packet that is provided to you.

What does it cost?

We have a suggested donation of $20 a night. If you are unable to donate, that is OK! We never turn away a family that is unable to pay.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Contact a case worker/social worker at the hospital where your loved one is located. If you still have questions and have a loved one in the hospital give us a call at 951-452-2627. If you do NOT have a patient in the hospital, dial 2-1-1 to find local resources that are available to assist you.