Key Partners

A “Key Partner” is a donor who makes a monthly commitment to Jacob’s House. We call them our Key Partners because they keep opening doors for our families in crisis. The regular commitment helps us with operations, and providing services to our guests. We would love to have you join our Key Partners!

Consider a regular donation of:

$20 per month

$50 per month

$100 per month

or More!

One Time Donations

Every dollar counts. From turning on the electricity, to purchasing bedding, Jacob’s House relies on your donations to keep our house running. We use your donations in a responsible manner, and we are committed to making a difference for families in crisis.

Consider a donation of:





or More!

In-kind Donations

We are always looking for in-kind donations. Services, products, or goods that could help Jacob’s House are always appreciated. Please contact us to learn about how your in-kind donations can help.