Jacob’s House in Temecula, California.

Jacob's House Front

Who We Are

In one word, heart.

It is in our logo and our tagline, but what does it really mean to us?

Jacob’s House was born out of the passing of a beloved community member, Jacob Nelson. While the Nelson Family will always be heartbroken, they have turned their tragedy into an opportunity to help families in their moments of greatest need. The Nelson’s gesture of love was only the start.   Jacob’s House has gone from a dream to a reality in only a few years because people in our community truly care and believe in helping families. Our volunteers, donors, and partners have shown amazing heart over the years, and they continue to amaze us, every day.

What will you do with your heart?

What We Do

Jacob’s House provides a safe, warm, and comfortable place for people to stay when their loved one is ill in the hospital. While we serve the basic functions of a hotel (a place to stay, sleep, shower, and eat), we are much more than a hotel. Our staff and volunteers are sensitive to the needs of families. We have a holistic approach to helping families by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support that families need when their loved one is in between the balance of life and death.

We help people from different cities and states be near their loved one, when it matters most. No matter the age of the person in the hospital, we are available. While we have a suggested donation for families, we do not turn away those who cannot afford to stay.

Now you understand why Jacob’s House is…

Hospitality with a Heart.

This is Jacob’s Room, one of the four rooms the provides our guests with a beautiful place to stay.

Our young volunteers, with big HEARTS!

How You Can Help

7 Ways to Help
  • Make an individual donation (in-kind or financial)
  • Become a Key Partner
  • Get your faith-based organization involved
  • Become a Service Provider
  • Become a Community Partner
  • Become a Corporate Partner
  • Volunteer (individuals, organizations, and companies)

A little heart, goes a long way!