Jacob's House

Jacob’s House is a home of refuge where families and loved ones of those in hospitalized traumatic medical need can find hope, comfort, peace and inspiration. We are a community resource dedicated to serve families in crisis. We do this by providing a shelter for the physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Phone: 951-452-2627

Registered Charity: 26-1183832

Location: Temecula, CA

2020 Golf Tournament

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We need YOUR Help!

Jacob's House is  24/7 operation and we rely on our amazing volunteers to help run the non-profit. We need passionate, honest, and heart-filled volunteers who are willing to get the job done. Come join us!


From our Volunteers

“ I know the reason someone comes to the house for a stay is usually not a pleasant one, so it makes me happy if I can prepare a restful place where they can come to relax and recharge after a long stressful day at the hospital.  ” 


— Carol, P., Volunteer


Do you have a "can do" attitude and a passion for helping families? Fill-out our volunteer application below! Call us at 951-452-2627 or e-mail Stacey at stacey@jacobshousetemecula.org to find out your next steps.


Is your group or company interested in volunteering? Contact us below to coordinate an event!


Are you looking for an internship or some other opportunity to help? Contact us today!