Mission & Impact

Our Mission

Jacob’s House is a home of refuge where families and loved ones of those in hospitalized traumatic medical need can find hope, comfort, peace, and inspiration. We are a community resource dedicated to serving families in crisis. We do this by providing a shelter for the physical, emotional and spiritual support.

When a loved one is having a medical crisis, the last thing a family should have to worry about is where they are going to sleep and eat. Unfortunately, the chaos, stress, and financial hardship that is caused by medical crises give families few options to meet their most basic needs.

How does Jacob's House help families?

Jacob's House provides the most basic human needs (and more) to families who just want to be near their loved one in the hospital. We provide (at no cost to our families):

  • Beautiful lodging accommodations serving the Temecula Valley

  • Food

  • Water

  • Support

  • Connections to Resources ( social, mental, spiritual, religious, institutional, ancillary resources, government resources, and more!)

  • While we have a suggested donation of $20 per night, we never turn away a family that is unable to pay. Our amazing partners, volunteers, and donors make this all possible. ​Do you want to sponsor a family this month or every month? Learn more!

How does Jacob's House operate?

Jacob's House receives direct referrals from nurses, social workers, case managers, and doctors who work at hospitals in the Temecula Valley.

Jacob's House and the community that supports Jacob's House have made an unforgettable impact on our families. Listen to some of the video testimonials, and take a look at our impact stats, below. Are you ready to help? Donate, support our wish list or volunteer today!

Our Impact and Testimonials

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