Each of the rooms in Jacob’s House has a special story.

We encourage you to read these powerful stories and excerpts. The stories show the passion and love that has gone into every space in Jacob’s House.

Adam’s Room

October 7, 1979 – November 8, 1996

Our Wrestler

Our son left for Heaven on November 8, 1996. He was 17 years old and was afflicted with a rare and aggressive cancerous tumor which took him from a healthy, athletic, energetic young man to his death in eight short months.

Most of those months were spent at the City of Hope in Duarte, CA. That experience was a quick look into the “college of life” as we spent days, weeks, and months in the hospital pediatric ward and City of Hope Villages. We learned about the deep pain of grief, long before Adam took his last breath. We saw the desperation on the faces of mothers and fathers as they prayed for relief from this thief, called cancer, and in some cases, followed by that long valley called death.

Linda’s journey took her to the Book of Job. It says, “In this world, you will have trouble.” She learned that even though the body grows weak and the spirit grows dim, one can still know that God is in control. She learned the sweet peace of His presence in life, as we watched our son wither away. As he crossed over the river….we pictured him in a new, healthy, and strong body…..entering the gates of Heaven….full of laughter again…running into the arms of his Heavenly Father, and not looking back at all….with both of us yelling ahead…”Adam, we are right behind you!”

We found a longing to hold other people’s hands as they prayed, hug them as they wept, and gained strength to endure the battle. We found a Proverb that said, “He who waters, will also be watered.” (Proverbs 11:25) It’s as if a fountain-head opened up in our lives to reveal a supernatural truth of how to cope with the trouble of this world.

Soon after Adams funeral, Linda felt the need to meet with others who were experiencing the same pain. As she did, she found herself being soothed. She started a support group at a local restaurant within the year called Heavenbound. We used their back room for a weekly meeting. She provided books on loss and grief, including bookmarks, angel pins, and anything she could find to soften their pain.

Seventeen years later, Heavenbound still meets every Friday morning in an informal setting at “Honeycutt Farms” in Murrieta to share a cup of coffee and most often, a few tears. Over 15 years have come and gone. Some can’t bear the pain of attending a support group……while others can’t live without their Friday morning fix. Our experience has shown us, we’ve joined a club we didn’t volunteer to join….but, one we can’t live without.

Dan & Linda Mejia … Adam’s parents.

I Corinthians 2:9

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive of the things that

God has prepared for those who Love Him.”

Jacob’s Room

Our only son Jacob was a beautiful gift from God who brought love, compassion and light to our lives for 24 years. He was our hero. His Mom, his sisters and I would always love to spend just a few moments with him so we could connect with his contagious sense of humor and the wisdom God had given to him beyond his years.

As I was scanning the newspaper one of those beautiful, sunny afternoons at our home on Rainbow Canyon in Temecula, California, I came across an article so dramatic and moving that I had to share it with our 10-year-old son, Jacob. In the is article, a father had decided to take his son fishing along the California Aqueduct somewhere in Central California. The aqueduct’s pump system requires a significant amount of power to transport water from Northern to Southern California and is therefore extremely dangerous, but the father had obviously not seen the warning signs.

As the two fished together that calm, sunny day, the son suddenly lost his balance and fell into the aqueduct. In a split second, the pump system swept the boy underwater. Without hesitation, the father jumped in to save his precious son. They found both the father and  son  a  mile  down  the  aqueduct several hours later. Both had drowned.

When I had finished telling him about the article, Jacob looked at me with so much love and concern. He said, “Dad, what would have happened if the father would have fallen into the water first?”

“Jacob, even if the son was a grown man, he would not have been able to save his father,” I replied. “The pump system is just too strong. If the boy would have jumped in, he would have died too.”

Jacob gazed at me with his beautiful green eyes, and as tears began to flow down my son’s sweet face, he said, “Dad, if you fell into the aqueduct, I would jump in after you.”

As my own tears welled up, I whispered, “I know, Jacob. I know.”

Somehow with God’s amazing grace, we have purchased this beautiful home in memory of our precious son Jacob. As a family, we dedicate this room to his loving memory. There will never be a day that goes by for as long as we have breath where we don’t long to look into his beautiful green eyes…his light brown hair…his half smile that changed our world forever.

Until that perfect day,

Shawn & Stephanie Nelson … Jacob’s Parents

Don’t count the days…make the days count!

Jacob Andrew Nelson

Ryan’s Room

Have a hot dog.

I know, I know. Hot dogs aren’t that good for you. It’s true. But I also know that oftentimes there is a balance between simple pleasures and what is good for you. Life is about learning that balance. Families work hard to balance learning and living, working and playing, being together and being alone. It’s not easy and we don’t always get the balance right, but we keep on trying. The pictures above are of a young man named Ryan. There are lots of things I love about him but one of the most important things is that he knows how to have a hot dog. Because you are here, in this particular room, I can surmise that life is hard for you right now. I am sorry that it is but if you can, enjoy a simple pleasure today. Have a hot dog.

Sara’s Room

This room is dedicated in the memory of the beautiful Sara Margiotta. Sarah was born in 1997, full of light and laughter.

Sara’s captivating smile, never-ending energy, and generous caring were what made her unforgettable to all that had the pleasure to meet her.

Although, in 2007, Sara passed away from head trauma suffered in a collision involving a drunken boater, her legacy of compassion and service live on. In her 10 years on earth, Sara reflected amazing love, joy and laughter wherever she went.

Sara’s family hopes that this room will be a source of comfort and peace to all who stay here.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28