Volunteering at Jacob’s House – A New Era

The times they are a-changing with regards to our volunteer needs at Jacob’s House! In our early days, volunteers were primarily needed to support events and fundraisers. Since opening the house in June 2013, however, our needs have evolved in supporting and maintaining the house itself. While we still need volunteers periodically to help with events and fundraisers, this is no longer our biggest need. And, while we are blessed to have some GREAT corporate sponsors that address most of our BIG requirements, there is a need for volunteers that can help us with the day to day mundane tasks that come with owning and maintaining a home.

We have the following volunteer opportunities available:

Room Readiness Specialists

These volunteers assist the House Coordinator refresh and remake Guest Rooms upon a family’s departure. This position can sometimes be an on-call, last minute position. It requires a dedicated commitment to the House Coordinator as there are times we will have all rooms cleared at once, with incoming families on their way.

Service and Partner Organizations

Church Groups, Boy Scout Troops, etc. that volunteer to complete larger projects such as

gardening, cleanup, repairs, etc.

Organizations that provide meals and baked goods for our guests on a scheduled, coordinated basis.

If you interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities available at Jacob’s House, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (951) 452-2627 or fill-out the contact form below.

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