Become a Key Partner!
Our Key Partners are the foundation of Jacob’s House. Your monthly contribution to Jacob’s House helps us expand our services and help more families every week.


Get your faith-based organization involved!
Are you involved with a faith-based organization? Your organization can contribute to Jacob’s House with financial support, in-kind donations, volunteer groups or service projects.


Become a Service Provider!
Do you own a small business or a company that could provide services to Jacob’s House? We are always looking for donors who can provide regular services that assist with the operations/functions of Jacob’s House. Electricians, landscapers, contractors and more are always appreciated at Jacob’s House!


Become a Community Partner!
Our Community Partners are organizations who have made $2,500-$25,000 in in-kind or cash donations. They have sponsored rooms, clean-up projects, and more.


Become a Corporate Partner!
Corporate Sponsors are crucial to our success and growth. Corporate Sponsors can help in the following ways:
* Donations
* Employee annual participation (giving) programs
* Sponsorship of events
* Large in-kind donations (expansion of Jacob’s House, etc…)

Southland Industries' Donation

Jacob’s House is the result of thousands of hours of volunteering. We use volunteers for events, on-going operations, and more. We truly <3 our volunteers. [/av_animated_numbers]