Your Employee Giving Campaigns

How about donating on a monthly basis to Jacob’s House?

Here’s how……

Does your employer offer an annual Employee Benefits Fair, where you can opt to donate on a monthly basis to your favorite 501(3) c, non-profit charity? Such benefits are very fulfilling and you don’t even feel the pinch from your paycheck. Yet, at the end of the year, every penny is income tax deductible and can make a big difference in your annual IRS tax filing.

Choosing to give a donation to Jacob’s House monthly, via an Employee Giving Campaign is a wonderful way to give-back to your community and there is no fuss with remembering to write out checks, make phone calls, or forget to make the donation. Let your employer know, you’d like to become a monthly Key Partner of Jacob’s House, Inc. and we will also send you confirmation of your charitable giving receipt via email every month. Also, tell your employer to contact Jacob’s House for our EIN (Employer Identification Number) in order to process your donation. Thank you for partnering with us to help our families, who are experiencing traumatic medical crisis during the hospitalization of a loved one.

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