The Bunsen Family

We wanted to share a recent note from one of our families. We always receive permission to share these stories. The Bunsens were at Jacob’s House for 26 days.

“Dear Linda,
Helmut and I can’t thank you enough, not only you but also the staff and all the wonderful caring volunteers of the Jacobs House. Being from Chicago, it was of great comfort to us to come to the JH each evening after spending the day with our daughter and her battle with stage 4 cancer. We enjoyed all the amenities that the JH offered—-the cup of coffee in the morning, the large TV screen to relax by and the beautiful room to lay our heads down at nighttime. it was truly a Home away from Home. We are blessed and grateful for having all of this available to us –thank you, thank you. thank you, especially in the time of our need and when our spirits were low you were there.
God’s blessings to you as you continue the wonderful work of the JH.
We love you all,
Helmut and Marianne Bunsen”

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