PHOTOS: 5th Annual Softball Tournament

Join us in remembering the “5th Annual Jacob’s House Softball Tournament”.

Every year the Nelson family and Jacob’s House board pledge to honor Jacob with a softball tournament held at the Patricia Birdsall Park in Temecula with the championship game always to be held on the Jacob A. Nelson baseball field.

The trophy winners in the Competitive Division;

1st Place: Team Alicia (honoring the life and legacy of Alicia Boyer)- award presented to team captain and proud brother, Kyle Boyer

2nd Place: ABC Preschool (Sponsored by ABC childcare)

The trophy winners in the Recreational Devision;

1st Place: Team Adam (honoring the life and legacy of Adam Mejia – sponsored by Waste Management)- award presented to proud parents, Dan and Linda Mejia

2nd Place: Paradise Chevrolet (Sponsored by Paradise Chevrolet)