Harvest 2U Partners with Jacob’s House: 07-01-2012

Harvest 2U is proud to partner with Jacob’s House.  http://www.harvest2u.com/

When you select Jacob’s House as your Harvest 2U Community Partner of choice, Harvest 2U will donate $3 toJacob’s House for every Harvest box purchased.

Harvest 2U fills a need in our community to provide families with an alternative to the high-priced organic produce sold in grocery stores, and to offer a solution for those wanting to buy from local farmers.

At Harvest 2U our Purpose is to bring people goodness, promoting health and happiness.

And our Mission is simple – To efficiently provide your family with competitively priced, high quality, locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables while we give back to our community.

Our Core Values are –

1) Honor God in all we do.
2) Build relationships based on trust and respect.
3) Maintain integrity and excellence in products and services.
4) Practice responsible stewardship.

… because goodness matters.

By working cooperatively with multiple local farmers, Harvest 2U combines the best each farmer has to offer. Thus ensuring you the best quality and the largest variety of locally grown organic and naturally grown (non-certified organic) produce.

Our heart is in giving back to those in need. Jacob’s House is one of Harvest 2U’s Community Partners.

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