PHOTOS: 1st Annual Jacob’s House Softball Tournament

In memory of Jacob Andrew Nelson, founders and proud parents, Shawn and Stephanie Nelson dreamed of an event that would signify something that Jacob loved and had a true passion for.  Jacob’s love for sports began at a young age inspired by his father who always told stories of his high school and college sports days and continually coached Jacob’s sports teams over the years.  The Nelson’s couldn’t think of a better way to honor their son, than to make this dream event a reality through the “1st Annual Jacob’s House Softball Tournament” and let families and friends gather together and enjoy a day of recreation and celebration of the life of Jacob. 100% of all proceeds help build the dream, Jacob’s House.

Every year the Nelson family and Jacob’s House board pledge to honor Jacob with a softball tournament to be held at the Patricia Birdsall Park in Temecula with the championship game always to be held on the Jacob A. Nelson baseball field.